Blood Disease Treatment

What Blood Disease Treatments are available?

These illnesses require expertise both for diagnosis and treatment. While many other hematology and oncology specialists refer these patients to distant university settings, at DVO we feel these patients are best treated locally. We are experts in all of these disease manifestations and are up-to-date on the most current therapies. We often enroll these patients in clinical trials, allowing them access to experimental therapies when appropriate. Our physicians have been administering blood disease treatment for over twenty years. While at times we do refer to the universities for very specialized treatments, such as bone marrow transplants, we feel that most patients are better served when treated in their community, with family and our supportive staff immediately available. With many locations around the San Francisco Bay Area patients are able to feel close to home. If you have been diagnosed with a benign (or malignant) blood disorder, please contact us for a second opinion, further evaluation, or for blood disorder treatment options. For a comprehensive list of blood disorders and disease visit this page.