Blood Disorders and Diseases

A San Francisco hematologist, closer to home. In the expansive San Francisco Bay area, Diablo Valley Oncology has offices throughout the East Bay area to diagnose and treat blood disorders and diseases.

Blood diseases and blood disorders require expertise both for diagnosis and treatment. Fortunately for patients, several of our physicians worked in the academic setting and have over twenty years of experience treating these challenging diseases.  Their practice focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of all types of blood diseases and blood disorders and they are the “clinicians of choice” for the most unusual and complicated cases. Our connection with research allows patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and receive experimental therapies if appropriate. Our board certified hematologists stay up-to-date on blood disease and blood disorder therapies by attending medical conferences, journal clubs, tumor boards and academic presentations. We refer patients to the local universities for very specialized treatments such as blood and bone marrow transplants.  Often university physicians refer patients to us, understanding that patients are best served when treated in their community, with the support of family and friends and an experienced medical team. If you have been diagnosed with a benign (or malignant) blood disease or blood disorder, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our hematology specialists for a complete evaluation or for a second medical opinion.