Is Expensive Sunscreen Worth It?

  Ms. Y is a 75 year old woman who noticed a dry lump on her left forearm several months ago. The lump quickly grew, and a biopsy showed squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a type of skin cancer. She was treated with Mohs surgery, a procedure in which a dermatologist shaves off layers of skin… read more

Skin Cancer Seminar in Lafayette

Come and experience the Many Faces of Skin Cancer, an event focusing on one of the most preventable cancers. Join an engaging panel of medical experts as they offer insights in the latest information on prevention, risk factors, new treatment options including immunotherapy, and explore the unique issues of skin cancer survivors. Lafayette Library 3491… read more

Look Good, Feel Better

Our next Look Good, Feel Better is June 19th at 10am. Join us!

We are QOPI Certified, Again!

Our practice has met the Certification requirements for QOPI® Certification. This status demonstrates a commitment to excellence and ongoing quality improvement in our practice. QOPI Certification must be renewed every three years. QOPI certification reflects a commitment to quality of care that leads to fundamental changes in the clinical practice of oncology. We have achieved… read more

The Many Faces of Head and Neck Cancer

The Many Faces of Head and Neck Cancer is an event focusing on the unique issues of patients with oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers. Join an engaging panel of medical experts as they cover the most current information regarding risk factors including HPV, treatment options including advances in surgery, radiotherapy, medical oncology and quality of… read more

Understanding Anemia

Anemia in the older adult can be a challenging diagnosis to treat, as up to 20-30% of patients may have unexplained anemia even after a thorough workup, and a good proportion of patients have multiple causes for their anemia.  It’s important to address the cause of the anemia, and in many cases also important to… read more