Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence

Our team of expert urologists and oncologists are dedicated to providing the most complete prostate cancer care available.

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Unique Cancer Care

Diablo Valley Oncology and Pacific Urology have brought together all of the essential components necessary for a comprehensive world-class prostate cancer program. The biggest difference our prostate cancer program makes for patients is our highly collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to care. We combine expertise from a multi-specialty group of board certified physicians who work together to provide high quality and consistent treatment for patients. Our center offers the most advanced therapies and latest technologies available to diagnosis and treat prostate cancer.
“I am so happy I chose Diablo Valley Oncology and Pacific Urology for my prostate cancer treatment. The care was exceptional – I would not go anywhere else.” – Prostate Cancer Survivor

Better Outcomes

Studies show that prostate cancers treated at higher volume treatment centers have an improved overall survival. Our radiation facility is in the top 95th percentile of centers in the United States in terms of prostate cancer patient volume. Higher volume centers like ours have increased communication among specialists leading to better coordination and streamlined patient care.

Our Cancer Care Team Includes:

Case Conference Approach

Similar to Grand Rounds at academic centers, our board certified, multidisciplinary group of physicians communicate and meet regularly to review cases and develop customized treatment plans for patients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive prostate cancer care available to each and every patient.

Prostate Diagnostic Center

Pacific Urology, the surgical division of Diablo Valley Oncology, has a team of superbly trained and experienced urologists who work seamlessly to fast track prostate cancer diagnosis. They were the first practice in the East Bay to implement the advanced 3T MRI fusion guided biopsy system. This advanced diagnostic tool is more precise and effective in detecting hidden prostate cancers.

Patient Support

Our collaborative team of physicians and staff provide streamlined, continuity of care for patients as they navigate between surgery, radiation and chemotherapy appointments. As part of the cancer treatment team at Diablo Valley Oncology, patients have the full support of our experienced oncology nurse practitioners. They answer questions, provide resources and support services, as well as offer guidance in all aspects of cancer treatment. Diablo Valley Oncology presents outreach programs and educational talks by physicians to keep the community up-to-date on the newest treatment modalities. Our reimbursement specialists work closely with patients, their insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and foundations to provide helpful guidance and financial support.
As a nationally accredited cancer facility, we stay up-to-date with best practices and advanced treatment guidelines.

Radiation and UCSF

Our radiation oncology department uses sophisticated image-guided intensity modulated, stereo tactic and three-dimensional conformal radiation techniques. Using advanced linear accelerators equipped with cone-beam CT allows us to image tumors daily before treatment so that we know exactly where to target the radiation. This individualized treatment planning allows for the most precise and effective targeting of the tumor resulting in increased accuracy and reduced side effects. As part of our continued effort to provide the highest quality radiation oncology services closer to home, we partner with UCSF Radiation Oncology Physics Faculty to provide on-site physics coverage at our Pleasant Hill location. This program allows us to make use of the resources and experience of UCSF physicists. These physicists assist in developing complex treatment plans and oversee the state-of-the-art technology required for optimal radiation delivery.

Robotic Surgery

Our cancer surgeons at Pacific Urology have extensive experience with the da Vinci Robotic technology and have been using it since 2001 when performing prostatectomy for prostate cancer patients. Robotic laparoscopic surgery enables our surgeons to perform this complex procedure through very small openings in the skin, which results in faster recuperation and a more rapid return to normal activities.

Nationally Accredited

Diablo Valley Oncology’s cancer center is one of the first oncology practices in California to receive the Quality Practice Certification (QOPI) from the American Cancer Society of Clinical Oncologists. Our radiation department is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO). As a nationally accredited cancer facility, we stay current with best practices and rapidly advancing treatment guidelines. Our patients receive the same nationally established treatment protocols for prostate cancer as they would at any leading academic cancer center.
“I asked my doctor, ‘How do we know this is the right treatment plan for me? Is it the most effective alternative available?’ He said, ‘This therapy works and is what I would do in your shoes.’ That was all I needed to hear.” – Prostate Cancer Survivor