Benefits of Pilates for Breast Cancer Survivors

Posted on: May 7, 2015

Pilates for Breast Cancer Survivorship

By Shayna Jung, Community Outreach Coordinator 

Looking for recovery techniques for Breast Cancer in Lafayette?

What are the benefits of Pilates for breast cancer survivors? With fifteen years of teaching Pilates, you can imagine how many women Leslie Jerge has had contact with. What is surprising though, is the percentage of those women who are breast cancer survivors. She has built relationships and lasting bonds with women during their treatment, from teaching in the Caribbean, to Renaissance Club Sport, and now her own studio. In 2014 Leslie joined Diana, the founder of Next Barre, as an instructor and co-owner.

Leslie has always had an active lifestyle, dancing in ballet and jazz since she was a child, and receiving a BFA in Dance and an MA in Dance Education. Pilates struck her interest just as she was finishing her masters program. As a Pilates teacher for over 15 years, her passion for strengthening individuals has not wavered. Seeing the positive effects that Pilates has had on women with breast cancer is continually rewarding. When a client told her that the classes are what got her through chemotherapy, Leslie’s desire to spread this empowerment to more women grew.

Pilates for Breast Cancer

Pilates for Breast Cancer

This past October she took her training to the next level by being certified by the Pink Ribbon Pilates Program. This program was created to enhance recovery for breast cancer patients by helping stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, and back which allows the patient to improve range of motion and strength areas affected by breast cancer treatment. As one of the few certified instructors in the Bay Area she is bringing a much needed mind and body renewal to individuals in our area.

Doctors recommend staying active, especially when going through treatment for cancer, to keep your mind and body strong. Dr. Svahn of Diablo Valley Oncology and Hematology Medical Group specialize in the treatment of breast cancer and suggests that women stay as active as possible throughout treatment. If an individual was active regularly the intensity or frequency may be lowered during treatment, but it is  important to maintain your fitness. It is important to speak with your physician about your exercise routines, and many physicians find that patients do better at maintaining their fitness if they have an instructor and group to work with.

Leslie’s training and certification with the Pink Ribbon program solidified that each individual needs a specialized work out and custom direction. With the small class sizes at her studio, each person is able to exercise within their restraints in a non competitive environment. She is highly attuned to each individual, and able to direct the program with each clients specific needs and goals in mind. 

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