Referrals for a Therapist for Cancer Survivors

Posted on: February 24, 2016

Even just several therapy sessions, also known as short term therapy,  can make a lasting impact in an individuals life. While family, friend and support groups are important, sometimes seeing a professional is one more extra step that can make a world of difference. While individuals diagnosed with cancer may benefit from a counseling session, the same is true for family such as children or spouses, as they navigate the cancer journey along your side.  Part of the cancer treatment plan is to keep your emotional and mental health intact during treatment and help you get life back to normal afterwards. In the San Francisco Bay Area there are many great therapists who work with individuals through their cancer diagnosis. Here are a few that we frequently recommend:

Cancer Therapists in San Francisco Bay Area

Nadine Watters, PsyD           Orinda                   925-255-8900 Leslie Foge, MFT                    Lafayette              925-388-0289 Erika Maslan, MFT                Lafayette              925-283-9964 Terry Neifing, LCSW             Lafayette              925-284-1066 Linda Passey, LCSW             Pleasant Hill        925-274-3678 Barbara Peterson, PhD         Walnut Creek      925-939-4147 Heather Roselaren, LCSW   Berkeley                510-527-1217 Ellin Sadur, PsyD                   Walnut Creek       925-831-0341 Kara Winter, PhD                  Walnut Creek       925-944-4836 LeeAnn Morgan, RN MFT   Walnut Creek       925-806-8624 Margory Johenk, PhD          Walnut Creek       925-451-2054 Dawn Guglielmino, MFT     Walnut Creek       925-330-8518 Randy Bloch, MD (Psy)       Walnut Creek       925-943-1561 Cancer Support Community Walnut Creek    925-933-0107 Tags: