7 Essential Things to Bring to Chemotherapy

Posted on: June 17, 2015

bring to chemoYou can find many lists of recommended items to bring to chemotherapy treatment, but here is a list of essentials. At our infusion suite we try to meet all of your needs, not just the medical ones. We provide each patient with their own private area to receive treatment with adequate room for a family member or friend, in a comfortable reclining chair and. In addition to those basic comforts we have warmed blankets to keep you comfortable and filtered water to keep you hydrated.

1.   Loose, Comfortable Clothing: this is very helpful to the nurses for port or IV access, as well as to you for maximum mobility and comfort. V-neck shirts or button downs provide the easier access for ports. During your chemotherapy counseling the nurse will tell you all of the possible side effects and how much recovery & rest time to allot for each treatment. Infusions can take anywhere from 1-6 hours, so feeling comfortable is important.

2.   A Family Member or Friend: Many individuals prefer company during treatment and use conversation or games to pass the time. Having a support is unmeasurably helpful, especially on days when treatment can be rough.

3. Meals and Snacks: Prior to treatment you may be advised to eat a small meal, but don’t forget about food to eat during treatment as well! It is very important to keep up your nutrients, so bring a small cooler with a meal or two and some salty and sweet snacks. Don’t forget that your friend or family member that you’ve brought to treatment will need to eat too… so pack a little picnic for the two of you.

4.     Laptop, Tablet, Music or DVD player: We have wifi access to keep you connected and streaming. Technology has an ever growing role in our lives, and sometimes there is no better distraction than our favorite character, song or film to keep us company. Also, don’t forget your headphones, to be respectful of those around you.

5.     Books, Magazines, or even a Journal: There is something undeniable about the comfort of the feeling of a book in your hands. If you have a favorite book or new magazine to bring, please do! We have a selection of complementary books and magazines as well. Journaling is found to be very empowering to our patients.

6.     Small Electric Lap Blanket: While we have quilts and heated blankets, the constant warmth of a lap blanket is comforting and sure to keep you cozy. Bring one from home, no larger than a throw blanket.

7.     Lip Balm & Lotions: Dehydration often occurs as a side effect of treatment, so lotions and lip balm help relieve the dryness of skin.

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