Novocure Optune System

Optune is FDA approved for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.

Our cancer center in the San Francisco East Bay Area is a certified Optune prescriber.

The second generation Optune device is a portable and non-invasive system that has an electric field generator and applicator. The electric field generator delivers Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) to selectively disrupt mitosis in dividing cancer cells. This ultimately keeps cells from dividing or replicating viable cancer cells. The TTFields are delivered through transducer arrays in a cap that is applied to a shaved head. The cap is to be worn for 18 hours a day and is powered by outlet or battery pack. The whole medical device is portable, allowing for life to continue while the electric field generator is treating the cancerous cells. Watch the video here to see how it works. Optune treatment can be considered for adult patients who have been newly diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, also known as GBM. Patients will typically have maximal debulking surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Optune can also be used as treatment for patients who have had GBM recurrence as an alternative to standard medical therapy. To learn if you may be a candidate for this innovative treatment, schedule an appointment with us today. Optune-2nd-Generation-IG-FINAL